Electronic Claims Submissions (EDI), Payments (EFT), and Remits (ERA)

Understand the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for transferring data from one computer system to another without human intervention.

Claims tools (NEW)

Learn more about our Claims tools and partnership.

Claims procedures

Learn about our processes and procedures for submitting a claim, checking claims status, and receiving claim payment information.

Disputes and appeals

Find out what you need to do when you do not agree with how a claim was processed.

ICD-10 information and overview

Find information on Kaiser Permanente's approach to ICD-10 implementation, as well as other useful ICD-10 resources.

View claim status as a guest user

Contracted and non-contracted providers can view their claim status as a guest user without registering. You will be asked to provide key information about a claim in question. In return, you will be able to view claim status information, including the current processing status, and, if paid, the vendor and specific payment information. If your claim is not found in the Guest User system, call the phone number listed on the member’s ID card.

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