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Welcome, Providers!

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  • Register for Online Affiliate or sign-on to begin submitting online disputes, appeals, supplemental claim attachments or request for information (RFI). Learn more about our new Claim submission tools and partnership.
  • Please note that PPO, POS or OOA member claims may not be available in Online Affiliate. If your inquiry is about a PPO, POS or OOA member claim, please call (800) 392-8649, Monday through Friday from 3am to 3pm.
  • Medicaid Quest Integration Providers: Provider Relief Fund
    Provider Relief Fund Post Payment Reporting Requirements

Kaiser Permanente appreciates your willingness to work with us in providing quality care to our Members. The Hawaii Kaiser Permanente Provider Contracting and Relations Department is committed to providing support to you and your staff which includes contractual and operational inquiries.

Thank you for your participation and should you need additional information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Provider Contracting and Relations Department at (808) 432-5429.

Please be advised that claim status information can only be obtained through one of our self-service tools. Please use our Guest Access feature or sign up today for Online Affiliate.

Online Affiliate and Claims Guest Access

Sign-on* or Register to use our secure provider tools (except PPO, POS and OOA plans). You’ll have access to features tailored to your role. Here are some examples:

  • View eligibility and benefits
  • View claim status
  • View clinical information
Video Overview of KP Online Tools*

PPO, POS and OOA plans: Call (800) 392-8649

Contracted and non-contracted providers can view their claim status as a guest user without registering. You will be asked to provide key information about a claim in question. In return, you will be able to view claim status information, including the current processing status, and, if paid, the vendor and specific payment information. If your claim is not found in the Guest User system, call the phone number listed on the member’s ID card.


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